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      C2 System

C2 As A Supplement

The C2 System has been proven to be an excellent supplement to classroom education for am student, whether for remediation, enrichment, or help with schoolwork.


Elementary School

C2 is dedicated to the development of a strong academic foundation, with an emphasis on:

The Basics of Language (reading, writing, vocabulary)

Primary Math Skills (arithmetic and applications)

Study Skills (organization and efficiency)

Middle School

During the transition years C2's programs merge fundamentals with critical thinking and advanced problem solving, such as

Reading Comprehension. Research and Essay Writing

Equation Manipulation. Pre-Algebra and Algebra

Gifted-Talented Program Preparation for Students Needing Enrichment


C2 for Test Preparation

Testing success depends on academic knowledge and mastery of specific test-taking skills. C2 focuses on helping younger students adjust to the rigors of standardized testing. We provide preparation for state-sponsored tests, the ISEE, and the SSAT, among others.


C2 System


1. The C2 Diagnostic Evaluation

Here's what sets us ąšąrt: We have researched and developed a fully comprehensive diagnostic lest that evaluates both a student's academic needs and a student's relative mastery of study skills. This process is the first of its kind and is the reason C2 students experience results so quickly.

2. Customized Curriculum

Each student is different! After initial testing, we meet with parents to discuss our evaluation and devise a course of instruction that is tailored to the student's specific needs. The advantage of our individualized instruction is obvious: we make sure every student learns.

3. Elite Instructors

All our instructors score at or above the 95" SAT percentile. But  more  importantly,  we  screen candidates  through  a  rigorous personality and teaching assessment to ensure   they  can  motivate  and communicate ideas to students at all levels.

4. Progress Monitoring

We meet with parents to review student progress every 20-30 hours of instruction. We constantly re-evaluate and adjust students' curricula as they improve and develop. In this way, we ensure our students reach maximum potential both in and out of the classroom.


To date, every single one of our students has improved grades or scores. No one in our industry can make that claim bin us. In fact, we flat out guarantee improvement.


C2's History

C2 Educational Centers, Inc. was founded in 1997 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. What be­gan as a modest home-based tutoring service rapidly expanded across ten different states, and C2 has since become the fastest-growing educational services provider in the country.

But what makes us special is that we haven't lost sight of our humble beginnings. We started as a dedicated family of educators providing individualized tutoring to students of all types, and. unlike our competitors, we've stayed that way.


What Parents Are Saying About C2


Lulit P. drove one hour each way to attend C2’s SAT prep c/asses. Here’s what her mother had to say:

When my husband Mark and I first heard about C2, our daughter Lulit had almost finished eleventh grade, concerned that she might not haw enough time to prepare for the SAT

She saw a score increase of 400 points!

Now as our daughter prepares for college at Duke University, we can say that C2 far exceeded our expectations am set the bar higher for our two manger children.


Tsige P.

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